Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doing the two-step

I feel like we are doing the two step with our money and credit cards.
Last time I posted on this blog I was happy and excited to say we had PAID OFF our only credit card....
Not so anymore. That very weekend I went to Kohl's with my cousin where I found a great deal on bras. Now if you're like me, a big girl with small boobies, then you'll understand. It's not easy finding a 40A or a 38B push up bra around here. I finally did find some. They  were already 40% off then the cashier offered the extra 20% off for just applying for the card so I did.
I was approved and if I put them on the card it was another 15% off. I could get these two bras for 75% off the original price. I did it. I don't know what I was thinking. Well that wasn't so bad at only $27-ish. Then the next day I picked up my son from nursery school and they announced that Thursday was picture see where I'm going with this... yeah well that insured another trip to Kohl's with my brand new charge card in hand. $85 later my son had a new picture day outfit, plus two others and one thing for me...all charged. Now we have this card with a $115-ish balance on it and the payment is due on December 3rd. I am paying off the entire balance this coming Thursday and canceling the "account protection" so that it will just sit there with a $0 balance. I feel so stupid for falling into that "oh I'll just use it this one time and that'll be it' lie to myself. No more acceptance of credit card offers from anywhere!!!


  1. And while you're at it... cancel the card. Even having a $0 balance card open with any sort of interest rate on it looks bad on your credit report (according to Dave Ramsey).

    I'm closing all our accounts too.

  2. I just what looks worse: a $0 balance card open or an account that was closed after only being open for one statement cycle?