Thursday, October 6, 2011

Credit Card PAID OFF!!!

I am so happy to announce that we PAID OFF our only credit card today!
I sent the last payment in today for our Firestone card. 
I am elated that this thing is paid off now. Now the fun part, we have decided NOT to close the account because it has only been open for a couple months. Since we have not purchased a home yet and will probably not be doing the 100% cash plan to buy one we can not out right kill our credit score. The plan I have in mind is that whenever it is time for an oil change or other maintenance that has been BUDGETED for, we will use the credit account and immediately make  a payment to the account to cover the cost. That way it will help build our credit score since we will, more than likely, need to use our credit scores to buy a house.
Now onto to other news we are still working on our Baby Emergency Fund. It is slow going so far. 
Next paycheck should yield a pretty good chunk of money to put toward the Emergency Fund. 

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  1. Woohoo! Great job Rusti! We have a CC for auto bills too, so I hope that I can get that paid off soon!

    Baby Emergency Fund is a must have!! I feel so much better knowing I have money in the bank now for emergencies, even if it's only $200 at the moment!